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A self serving private catalog to provide your organization, franchisee or group with
pre-created, branded & personalized marketing materials. Direct Mail at your fingertips!

(Variable, Print on Demand)
Designs Built on Smart Templates™ that are Easy to Customize and Print Ready.
Buyers club discounted pricing.
Simple, "Easy-to-use" design center with your marketing material built on our "Smart Templates"
Private portal to protect your valuable marketing content from the competition.
24/7 web-based access to your marketing material.
State of the art print and direct mail facility running 3 shifts per day.
65+ employees with a passion to help you succeed
10 Customer service reps eager to help you and your customers from 9-5 PST m-f.
Currently printing & mailing 3-6 Million Direct Mail pieces per month.

Not only a great "Value Ad" for your herd, but a revenue generator for your business!

How easy is it?
Andy and his team at GoBig have a top-notch product and Company.  I've toured their 30k sf Direct Mail Facility and have complete confidence in their capabilities to deliver on time and with complete professionalism.
Their team of 60+ and state of the art equipment make this one of the largest Print & Direct Mail houses on the West coast. Their "Easy to use" Web2Print user interface is sophisticated - yet simple. I encourage you to feel confident in working with them.
~ Aaron Halderman
V.P. GKIC | Glazer-Kennedy
Web2Print Store
VIP Account
Variable Printing
Private Web2Print store for your organization to access & order your pre-created Smart Templates™
Private VIP Web2Print store for you to access & order your pre-created Smart Templates™
Personalized, 1-to-1 Marketing
Increase Response Rates
Targeted Marketing Messaging
We will convert "Your Companies" existing Marketing Material to our "Smart Templates™" and store them online in a "Private Catalog" for access by your organization. Unlimited login accounts. GREAT for Reselling.

You and your organization can Edit / Customize your "Industry Specific" marketing material.
We'll print and mail it, or ship it to you!
We will convert "Your" existing Marketing Material to our "Smart Templates™" and store them online in a "Private Catalog" for access by you. Unlimited login accounts. Great to manage accounts for yourself or clients.

You and your organization can Edit / Customize your "Industry Specific" marketing material.
We'll print and mail it, or ship it to you!
Just wanted to let you know the postcards you printed and mailed for us look great. We’ve used many printing/mailing companies over the past 21 years, and these are among the best quality and appearance we’ve received. I have no doubt we’ll have a great response from this mailing. Also, thanks for all your advice and assistance. You were a huge help.
Greg Moudy
Dry Master Carpet Care, Inc.
Thank you for providing a top quality Print On Demand Solution and excellent customer service for our Piranha Marketing members in the cleaning and restoration fields.
From creation to delivery, your program has been nothing but perfect. Not only have you given our members an easy to use system at buyers club pricing, you’ve made their marketing “EASY.” You made all of our current fulfillment challenges obsolete! Thanks again for providing stellar customer service for our Dean Graziosi & PMI Marketing members in the Real Estate Profession.
Lisa Wagner, CEO
Piranha Marketing | Joe Polish
Brandon Maughan, Dir. Bus Dev
PMI Marketing | Dean Graziosi
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How does it work?
Users of your group, organization or franchise log into a "Private Catalog" and select from Categories of products relevant to your organization.

You won't see random material here. It is marketing material that has been created specifically for your organization.
Users can customize materials by using our simple & easy to use design studio.

Each marketing piece is automatically filled in with the users personal profile such as Name, Website, Telephone, eMail etc... including logos, photos!

Our "Smart Templates" automatically know where these variables should be.

A user can customize the marketing piece by changing the text or photos.
Users can upload thier own data into their private library or "Acquire a Data List" from us.

Users can opt to have it mailed to their recipients or shipped back to them in a box.
Most of the successful users of our product know some key things before they create a marketing campaign. 


Direct marketing is distinguished from other marketing efforts by its emphasis on trackable, measurable results.
Add the ability of customization or personalization to an Impact Document Fulfillment system and you have a solution that offers truly reader-centric, 1-to-1 communications between businesses and customers throughout the full spectrum of the customer relationship cycle.

Empower your direct sales channels to use their contact lists and knowledge about the customers to personalize contents while protecting your corporate branding.
1 Select your product 2
Customize it
3 We'll mail it, or ship it!
Newsletter Sample
Additional room for testimonials, joint venture programs or more information about your company.
Your Logo & Profile is automatically placed all over your newsletter

Change the banner.
Add a logo or photo
Add the recipients First Name to increase your "open rate"
You can edit any text area with your personal message
Create a "Call to Action" so your reader goes back to your website.
Postcard Example (same process on any marketing material)
Your announcement
Your personalized message
Choose from many templates
Upload your own photo
Your name and number on your branded sign
Your personalized message
Back Example
Your logo
Your personal information and photo for upload
Your tag line or web address
Recipients name
Personalized and editable text message
Personalized and editable text message
Your Personalized closing
Your return address
Your tag line
Your choice of background colors
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