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Find Motivated Sellers be filtering from over 100 filters. OR, simply choose from our pre-selected query of "Most Likely To Sell" lists.. Starting at $.02

Have your own list? No problem! Simply upload it & we will do a live data check against USPS & run NCOA- Free!


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Select from hundreds of Pre-Written Postcards, Formal & Yellow Letter templates & Edit as you wish. Customize Doodles and interchange Mail Merge tokens for total control.


Stand apart from the next investor with our versatile Smart Templates™ - As low as $.369


Automate Mail Drops

No reason to mail them all at once! Simply select how many you'd like to mail and the date you want them to go out. AND, you don't pay all at once. They'll auto-charge your card as they hit the mail stream. 

P.S. Mix up your mail so you don't send all the same card or letter!

GoBig is AWESOME !!!!

GoBig Rocks!!! Not only do they have every conceivable amazing marketing piece done for you and ready for you to take advantage of... if you need customization of ANYTHING... just give their amazing customer service department a call .. and they will take care of it on the spot while you are on the phone. Unparalleled customer service. Simply Amazing !!! Thanks GoBig!!!

~Robert B. | Saline, MI


Postcards & Letters

Customize from our library of pre-created Yellow Letters, Postcards & Smart Templates™ Postcards as low as $.369 

Skip Trace | Find Motivated Sellers

Find Motivated Sellers with our "Built-In" easy, map-based search. Filter up to 70 property types.

Search for an individual property or for groups of properties with simple intuitive clicks. Suppress records and real time CASS Certification for accurate delivery

Mailing Lists

Starting at $.02 / record for unlimited use!

Send One Postcard or Letter

Simply click the Postcard or Letter you want and instantly send it to just one person, OR, select a list and send it to everyone.

Use our Drag & Drop Template Builder to easily create your own letters and postcards.

Have you ever wanted to print and mail just one Postcard, Letter? How about an entire campaign? Now you can!

"Finally!  I've wanted to make my own postcards for year!  This is so great for my business."

Luke P, Antonio, TX

Property Street View

These versatile postcards are totally customizable. You can change the mail merge variables, the paper color and the message. No two are alike.  The Photo of the Property is automatically placed on the postcard.  AND, you can preview a LIVE sample as you review your customized postcard.

Postcards as low as $.369 

Create Direct Mail Templates
No Minimums

Use our drag & drop Direct Mail Template builder to easily create your own Mailers. Add up to 15 Personal Variable tags such as "First Name" "Property Address" and more...


Choose from over 100 Pre-written, customizable Postcards & Letter Templates. Duplicate ours, or build your own from scratch.

"I literally built my postcard and follow up letter in 15 mins. It was so easy! - I love the doodles :>"

Michele B, San Diego, CA



Andy -  I spoke with you last week on how to get my rei automator real estate lists to Go Printing so I could start my direct mail campaigns. I was very impressed with your help. You made me feel welcome like a big account that had been with you for years. I'm just getting started on this new venture, and I wanted you to know that you are appreciated and I know why you are CEO---EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Thanks for the emails you are sending me, starting with tip # 1, tip # 2, etc. These are excellent tips, and are very informative and timely. Thanks again for all your help now and in the future and I can see why referrals are the name of the game and why I will give you many referrals as my business grows. You're the best!

~Jack Shulleeta - June 9, 2020

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I have to tell you, you really have an impressive program. We were considering doing our direct mail locally but not only are your prices very competitive, you make it much easier to go through the whole process. Thanks so much!
~ Sam Johnson

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