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Welcome To Clever Investor

Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors

GoBig has been "Sending Direct Mail" for the Clever Investor Community for 9+ years.


Get instant access to the best pre-designed Direct Mail Templates & Motivated Seller Lists! Start generating massive buyer and seller leads today. 

"Finally... successful Direct Mail campaigns made easy!"

- Cody Sperber

Step #1. Get Cody's VIP Pricing




Step #2. Access Cody's PRINTstore

Need Help? Call:  (949) 916-3578

Need Help?
Call: (949) 916-3578 or eMail our FREE Concierge at:

• Customize From 100's of Templates

Google Street View Postcards

Built in Motivated Seller List Finder ($.02)

Auto Mail Merge Preview

Scheduling Automation (pay as it drops)

Pay "On-Demand"

FREE Concierge
FREE List Cleaning & Address Verification

Private Print Stores For Coaches

Two Great Options!
GoBig Printing and/or PRINTgenie

1. Sign up for GoBigPrinting

2. Explore PRINTgenie

"Some people use both services... It just depends on how you manage your marketing"

GoBig Printing


What's it good for?

GoBig is great for bulk mail. When you have a bigger list and you just want to customize something and click go. 


• Customize and send Postcards and Letters.

• Scheduling future mail drops.

• 100's of postcards & letters to choose from

• Great Free Concierge

• Cody's discount on mail prices

• Minimum 50

FREE Account:

Pay on Demand.  Only pay for what you order



What's it good for?

It's great for when you only have a hand full of leads. You can simply add them to a campaign and it just runs for months and months.... How would you mange sending a 6 touch campaign to just a few people?

Now, every time you get a new lead, just add it to your campaign.

• Driving For Dollars App

• Nearest Neighbor Mail Drop

• Include Text and eMail for a multi-channel campaign. 

• A 4 month campaign is about $2.15

• We have dozens of pre-created campaigns and 100's of postcards & letters to choose from.

• No Minimums


Additional payment required for Mail.

Inside GoBig
Customize in our design center - Pay only for what you order!



These versatile postcards are totally customizable. You can change the mail merge variables, the paper color and the message. No two are alike.  The Photo of the Property is automatically placed on the postcard.  AND, you can preview a LIVE sample as you review your customized postcard.


Unlimited leads - $.02 (no subscription) Add Phone & eMail

Data List Finder Monitor

Find Motivated Sellers with our "Built-In" easy, map-based search. Filter up to 70 property types.

Search for an individual property or for groups of properties with simple intuitive clicks. Supress records and real time CASS Certification for accurate delivery.
Starting at $.02 / record for unlimited use!

Mailing Lists

Looking for Editable Mail templates? Pay only for what you order!

100's of Editable Templates

Customize from our library of pre-created Yellow Letters, Postcards & Smart Templates™ Postcards as low as $.36 

No Minimums - Pre-created Text, eMail & Mail templates and campaigns.

Looking for Sellers?

Use our Mobile App To Find Them!

Simply search or stand in front of any property and we'll show you the property's details. Instantly Skip Trace and find the owners Phone & Email. Take a photo or include the Google Streetview pic and immediately send any Postcard, Letter or Multi-Touch Campaign including text and email.


Small Lists?  No Problem! No Minimums!  Try

If you send Probates, Foreclosure Leads or have small lists, you may want to try PRINTgenie.

See how easy it is to send a 6 month Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaign.

Simply Send...
Multi-Channel Campaigns

Direct Mail  Text  Email

No Minimums

PRINTgenie is the best software platform for running multi-touch campaigns.

Select from pre-created campaign's - or make your own!

Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Investors

  • 2 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 2 Touch | Cash Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • 2 Touch | Foreclosure

  • 4 Touch | Absentee Owner - Out of State

  • 4 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 4 Touch | Equity Owners >30% equity

  • 4 Touch | HAMP Loan Mods

  • 4 Touch | Pre-foreclosure (NOD)

  • 5 Touch | Probates

  • 6 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • Driving For Dollars | 3 Touch​

  • Driving For Dollars | 6 Touch

Driving For Dollars Campaign
Sent to 1 person: $3.75
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6

Do you like hand holding?
Ask about our FREE Concierge Desk.

With Clever Investor, you get a dedicated FREE Concierge Team Member to assist you.

In addition, you get VIP pricing!


Your time is best spent selling and closing those deals.

So, why not leave the annoying tasks to the professionals – GoBig Printing Concierge!

We are here to help and make your life easier in any way we can!

Customer Service Rep
Offload annoying tasks to save time.
We'll do anything! (Same Day)

FREE Concierge Service

(Some things we do on a daily basis...)
Clean and upload your lists

Schedule mail campaigns

Order your Data lists 

Create and schedule campaigns

Send reports & order history
Edit & Customize your mailers
Split and Mail with Intervals - (Don't pay all at once. Pay as mail drops)

Send proofs

Re-order from past campaigns
• FREE "Same Day" Concierge Service

Ready to order?


Call our Free Concierge!


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