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Welcome to Greeti

Save and store details about your Greeting Cards

Personalized Direct Mail Marketing built on proprietary Smart Templates™
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Greeti is an app that saves Greeting Cards. Save details about your greeting cards such as Date, Time, Category. Record personal audio and details about your greeting cards.

How much is it?

There is no charge to use Greeti. It is a free service.

How do I do it?

Simply follow the prompts in Greeti. It will ask you to attach a photo you already have, or take a photo. You can have up to 7 photos per greeting card.
You can save a Title, Date, Voice recording, or choose an audio. You can also write details about your greeting card.

Choose who sent you the greeting card as well as Share it on social media.

How do I get help?

email us at and our customer service team will do their best to help you out.


Andrew Detwiler
Founder and CEO

I had the opportunity to be on the team that built the worlds first Print on Demand / Variable printing system. We’ve learned a lot since then… back in 1999! Times have changed. People are busier then ever. Now, people aren’t as awestruck by fancy technology as they had been since this digital revolution began. We built systems in which a customer could tweak and adjust every aspect of a print or direct mail piece… We had so many bells and whistles in our process that it would sort of drive you crazy.

Today, we work directly with the Gurus! The smartest marketing people on the planet. – And in the end, we give the users “Pre-Created” marketing material that they don’t have to think about. (or mess up for that matter). They get in, and get out without having to think about their marketing campaign. It’s been done for them - AND, it's automated!

Sure, we let them adjust it to fit their demands… but we lock down the styling so they don’t have to be a designer. That’s been done for them too! It’s a win win! Join me in the revolution of using the best of technology available on the market today.

Visit our Coaches page to meet some of the worlds smartest marketers! - The real brilliance behind all your success!

Let’s build something BIG TOGETHER!

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