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PRINTgenie - How to Build a Direct Mail Postcard with Mail Merge

Best real estate investing is done by personalizing your own Direct Mail. Stand out from the crowd. PRINTgenie makes it super and easy to build yellow letters and postcards. Simple drag and drop Mail Merge and doodles. Add to an existing campaign or make your own.

The Key to real estate investing is authentic relationship building. The secret to finding motivated sellers is reaching out to them constantly. Real estate investing for beginners is easy with PRINTgenie.

We've created a dozen pre-written Direct Mail campaigns with SMS Text and eMail built in. It is the best way how to find foreclosures and market to them.

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Check out our 5 Star Reviews and FREE Concierge Service.

p.s. Our print prices are as low as .41 for a postcard and just $.71each for a FULL FIRST CLASS Color Letter AND - You can send as little as 1.

See a quick vid here:

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