Send a 5 month campaign to just one person for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. 

No Minimums


Automate your follow up with Direct Mail, Text & Email
Easily send multi-touch, personalized and relevant content to from your phone, desktop or CRM.  

The First Ever Multi-Touch Small Business Marketing Automation Platform
Easy enough for the newbie, or advanced enough for the seasoned pro. 



Direct Mail

Select from 100's of

pre-written Direct Mail templates or make your own!


Text & eMail

Select from pre-written

Text & eMail messages or write your own!


Drip Campaigns

Select from pre-created

Multi-Touch Campaigns or create your own!

Create Direct  Mail Templates


Use our drag & drop Direct Mail Template builder to easily create your own Mailers. Add up to 15 Personal Variable tags such as "First Name" "Property Address" and more...


Choose from over 100 Pre-written, customizable Postcards & Letter Templates. Duplicate ours, or build your own from scratch.


"I literally built my postcard and follow up letter in 15 mins. It was so easy! - I love the doodles :>"

Michele B, San Diego, CA

Build and Mail One Letter!

Have you ever wanted to print and mail just one Postcard, Letter? How about an entire campaign?


Simply click the Postcard or Letter you want and instantly send it to just one person, OR, select a list and send it to everyone.

Use our Drag & Drop Template Builder to easily create your own letters and postcards.

Send One Postcard or Letter


"Finally!  I've wanted to make my own postcards for year!  This is so great for my business."

Luke P, Antonio, TX

PRINTgenie Postcards and Letters

80% of sales require 7 follow-up touches.
44% of sales reps give up after 1. Automate your follow-up.

Driving For Dollars

Driving for dollars in any industry is a breeze. Simply click on an property to see the owner's details. With just a click you can find their phone number and email.

  • Send a single Postcard or Letter.

  • Take a photo and send a photo postcard or letter.

  • Use Google Street View's Photo.

  • Add any name to a list.

  • Add any name to a list and deploy a campaign.

  • Send a multi-channel campaign that includes direct mail, text and email.

  • Unlimited owner lookups.

  • Skip Trace for only .59

  • Postcards start at $.43ea.

  • Letters start at $.76 (FC mail)

No minimums. Simply add as little as one and an entire campaign can run for as long as you wish.


Add as little as one name to any campaign!

No minimums! - Send as little as 1


Sending multichannel communications over time is the only way to get a qualified response!