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Snap Pack Mailers boast an impressive open rate of up to 95%!
Check Mailers boast an impressive open rate of up to 95%!These pressure seal mailers capture the recipient's attention immediately, leading to an enhanced response rate.


A real handwritten tear-off check, with an offer that looks and feels like the real thing.

Our Pressure Seal Mailers are versatile, suitable for various sectors such as Home Offers, Cash Advances, Bank Notifications, Default Notices, Mortgage Communications, IRS Alerts, Auto Promotions, Academic Report Cards, Financial Reports, Authentic or Promotional Check Mailers, Subscription Renewals, Survey Correspondences, Non-Profit Drives, 1099 Tax Documents, and more.


YES! They are the same checks used by our sister company: Deluxe | NYSE: DLX

Our pressure seal mailers are crafted from a single sheet of paper using a fold and seal technique to create a standalone mailer. This method is a highly efficient and effective mailing solution for numerous industries as listed below.​


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Check Letter V01

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