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[CarrotCast EP 168] From Vietnam to True Freedom w/ Khang Le of Wholesale to Millions

While being raised dirt poor (literally), his parents worked 16 hour days in the sun. He had no education until he came to America at 9 years old, dropped out of High School at 17, and moved into his girlfriend’s mom's trailer to start a new life.

How does one insecure, shy kid turn into a money-making, content-producing machine?

His name is Khang Le and he’s a massive action-taker.

He brings more energy than anyone we know and he’s here to teach you how you can change your life.

Today, in this super inspirational, yet tactical conversation, you'll hear about: his business model as a real estate investor and why he chooses not to do fix-n-flips, $250k/month across 4 markets, all deals are done virtually!

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