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[LIMITED TIME OFFER] - Carrot Summit Recordings Are Out Of The Vault

I was recently helping a high level investor dial in their SEO strategy for the summer months ahead.

This member is in a competitive market and doing a great job of generating seller & buyer leads.

But they are ready to head into some new markets while lead gen is hot in the summer months.

During the call I mentioned Tyler Ford and Dave Brown’s SEO strategies and told him how they both came on our Carrot Summit and shared the EXACT strategy he should be using for multi-markets.

The investor I was talking with was SUPER interested in the recordings of the Summit but I told them we weren’t actively selling them anymore.

I talked it over with our team and we felt that wasn’t right.

We shouldn’t be hiding the amazing content our summit speakers shared on the Summit a couple of months ago.

So, for a limited time we are bringing the summit recordings out of the vault.

For the next couple of days you can purchase the summit recordings for $99.

If you want to learn more about the summit, who was on it (investors running multi-million dollar businesses), the topics covered and more….

P.S. For anyone curious about the member I was talking with I did reach back out and offered him the recordings already...he jumped all over it and is already implementing his new SEO strategy.


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