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Snap Pack

Check Letters

Snap Pack Check Mailers boast an impressive open rate of up to 95%!

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WOW... Just wow!  It worked so well

"I've tried various direct mail strategies over the years, but the Snap Pack check letters delivered the highest response rates by far. The ordering process was incredibly simple and user-friendly. Not only was it cost-effective, but the affordability didn’t compromise the quality or the effectiveness of the campaign. Truly, this has been one of the best investments for my business!"

~ Mark Anderson 

Great for...

Real Estate Agents, Investors & Home Service

"SNAP PACK" Check Mailers are the go-to direct mail pieces that consistently get opened!


Snap Pack Mailers boast an impressive open rate of up to 95%!

These pressure seal mailers capture the recipient's attention immediately, leading to an enhanced response rate. As a comprehensive provider of Snap Pack solutions, we offer both standard and customized designs. 

These are the most effective snap packs currently available on the market!

Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers are versatile, suitable for various sectors such as Cash Advances, Bank Notifications, Default Notices, Mortgage Communications, IRS Alerts, Auto Promotions, Academic Report Cards, Financial Reports, Authentic or Promotional Check Mailers, Subscription Renewals, Survey Correspondences, Non-Profit Drives, 1099 Tax Documents, and more.

Looking for a CUSTOM PRESSURE SEAL FORM? We can produce nearly any design you require.
Our pressure seal mailers are crafted from a single sheet of paper using a fold and seal technique to create a standalone mailer. This method is a highly efficient and effective mailing solution for numerous industries as listed below.


Our pros have created copy and designs so you don't have to... 


Select Mail Class

Offering First Class or Standard Mail to save you money.


Customize Your Text

Although we've written great text, feel free to customize it if you wish.


Attach Your List

Simply upload your list and we'll run it against DPV to ensure it gets there!


  • Tax Forms

  • Delinquent Notification

  • Medicare and other related

  • Foreclosure Notice

  • Tax Lien Notice

  • Notice of Default

  • Political Campaigns

  • Surveys

  • Cash Advance Check

  • Rebate Checks

  • Automotive Promotions

  • Loan Modification

  • Report Cards

  • Tuition Bill Notice

  • Direct Deposit Check

  • Mortgage Loan

  • Mortgage Lending

  • Credit Card Promotions

  • Federal Aid Checks

  • Coupon or Faux Check Sample

  • Medical Billing Notice

  • Voter Registration Forms

  • Year End 1099 Forms

  • DMV Renewal Forms

  • Debt Reduction Documents

  • IRS, W2 Documents

  • Foreclosure

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