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Getting Started in 2 Easy Steps

#1 - Get a list

NEW! Motivated Seller Lists!
No more uploading from other sites, it's all here. GoBig's new state of the art List Finder helps you find rare data like sellers going through Probates, Affidavits of Death, and Divorce while also giving you access to the most commonly needed lists like High Equity and Absentee Owners. Save money and time.


Choose from over 70 filters to find your perfect list.

1. Log into your GoBig Account and click on the "Manage" tab, then "My Contacts".
2. Order and preview information about the properties.
3. They'll automatically be added to your GoBig Library.
Assessor Records starting at $.02each for Unlimited use..


#2 - Order Direct Mail

Simple Overview - Click Here

Help Videos

1) How to clean your list. (if you upload your own)

2) How to upload your list. (if you upload your own)

3) How to Order Direct Mail


#1- Easy Login
Next time, log in here:

#2- Concierge Department
Want to be more hands off?
Try out our Free GoBig Concierge Service.
Need something done? Simply email us what you'd like us to do for you.
Send us your list? We'll attach it to a proof and send you a link for review.
Dont lift a finger. Just email us here:
Other things people request are:
Splittling Lists
Sending out the mail at different intervals
Fixing Logos, art sizes.

We have a full graphic design staff so don't hold back! We can do anything!

#3- Need a Website?
Simple set up Investor Websites Built by Pros.
Complete with FREE eBook and auto-email campaigns

Not sure what to order? Try our Elixir. It's 6 different campaigns going out at 2,4 or 6 week intervals.
The best part... You don't pay for it all at once.
See more here:

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