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Welcome To Tangie's Picks

Foreclosures Daily's preferred Direct Mail and Marketing Source  |

"Get instant access to the best pre-designed
Direct Mail Templates at insane discounts and pre-built Multi-Channel Campaigns.

Start generating massive buyer and seller leads today.  Finally, successful direct mail campaigns made easy!"
- Tangie Lee Cousins  "TLC"

p.s.  I negotiated incredible discounts for my clients only!

PRINTgenie is a Direct Mail, Text & Email Automated Drip Campaign Marketing Delivery Platform Built For

Real Estate Investors, Agents & Any Small Business to effectively drive & nurture leads and 4x their response rate.

Sent from your Desktop, Phone or CRM

google street view by printgenie
handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten letter by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie

Dozens of Pre-Created Multi-Touch Campaigns built for:

No Minimums!



Lease Option


Tax Liens


Creative Financing

And much, much more!

Two great tools for your Real Estate Business

Register for both!


GoBig Printing



GoBig is great for the newbie or seasoned pro that is looking to jump into our design center, customize & order Direct Mail.
- Direct Mail Only -

• 100's of customizable postcards, letters & greeting cards 
• Schedule future mail drops
• Google Street View

• Tangie's discount on popular templates
  (Create a Free account to see all pricing)
• Free Concierge

• Minimum order: 50

FREE Account:
Pay on Demand.  Only pay for what you order


Registration available on desktop only




PRINTgenie is great for the newbie or seasoned pro that is looking for Multichannel Drip Campaigns.
- Text, Email & Direct Mail -

50% OFF
For Tangie's

Customers Only!

• 100's of customizable postcards, letters & greeting cards 
• Pre-Created Multi-Touch Campaigns & Templates
• Tangie's famous 6 Touch Campaigns

• Driving For Dollars App
• Skip Trace
• Zapier & Webhook integration

• Minimum order: 1

Essentials Subscription: $49/ Mo.  $24.50/Mo. 
PRO Subscription: $97/ Mo. 

Email after you sign up & we'll apply your discount


Registration available on desktop & mobile

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Use code: tangie


We know you are busy doing your day job...  So let us do your marketing for you!
Get a personal Virtual Assistant working for you!


Enhanced List Services

These are the 3 questions I hear most:

  1. Tangie gave me a backlog of 600+ records.  What can I do without breaking the bank & mailing a 6-touch campaign?

  2. Each week I’m going to get about 30 leads. I know I have to mail them many times.  How do I start?

  3. I’m fairly new and restricted by a limited budget, but how can I make this work?


If any of these resonate with you, schedule a quick call with me. I’ll share with you all I’ve learned over the years to help you get the most out of these exceptionally hot leads… OR, if you're ready now, simply click the FREE TRIAL below!

p.s. There's no charge for this call, and I promise not to sell you on anything you don't need. In fact, I'll show you how to do it yourself if it makes the most sense!  One conversation with me will make everything on this page crystal clear.

Hey there, Glenn here with AgentHQ (a certified PRINTgenie partner)

I’ve been helping Tangie’s clients for many years now and most people have the same challenges facing them the minute they get their leads.


What do I get with your service, Glenn?

  • Download Weekly List from

  • Cleanse & Optimize for Deliverability (USPS NCOA, DPV)

  • Remove blank first names, trusts, LLC's  (Special Attention to get the most from EVERY record.)

  • Upload List to PRINTgenie and/or GoBig Printing (depends on our conversation)

  • Deploy List on your PRINTgenie campaign(s)

  • Deduplication and Merge Field Matching

  • Skip Tracing Through PRINTgenie

  • Access to a quick Google Street View mailer for your large, backdated list!!

  • Profile management. (Optimize logos, photos, etc.)

  • Lifeline access to my direct contact support line



Regularly $250!

$100 OFF for ForeclosuresDaily & ProbatesDaily Clients Only!

Choose Value (Middle) Plan at checkout
enter code
149L for discount

What is PRINTgenie?

Small Lists? One Contact only? No Problem!

If you send Probates, Foreclosure Leads or have small lists, you may want to try PRINTgenie.

See how easy it is to send a 6 month Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaign.

Simply Send...
Multi-Channel Campaigns

No Minimums

Direct Mail  Text  Email

PRINTgenie is the best software platform for running multi-touch campaigns.

Select from pre-created campaign's - or make your own!

Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Investors

  • 2 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 2 Touch | Cash Buyers

  • 3 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • 2 Touch | Foreclosure

  • 4 Touch | Absentee Owner - Out of State

  • 4 Touch | Buying Houses Generic

  • 4 Touch | Equity Owners >30% equity

  • 4 Touch | HAMP Loan Mods

  • 4 Touch | Pre-foreclosure (NOD)

  • 5 Touch | Probates

  • 6 Touch | Distressed Seller

  • Driving For Dollars | 3 Touch​

  • Driving For Dollars | 6 Touch

Pre Created Campaigns

Real Estate Agents

  • 3 Touch | I have Buyers

  • 4 Touch | Expired Listing

  • 3 Touch | Mortgage Woes

  • 3 Touch | Home Front 

  • 4 Touch | Neighborhood Agent 

  • 3 Touch | The New Normal

  • 4 Touch | Thinking of Selling?

  • 3 Touch | Just Met You

  • 3 Touch | Lifestyle Move Up 

Mobile App Driving for dollars
Comes with your PRINTgenie subscription

PRINTgenie is an omnichannel marketing platform that is tailor-made for small business owners on the go - Helping nimble teams grow their sales, not their workload.

Take PRINTgenie with you on the road. 

Simply search over 180 million properties or tap on the map. Gain access to property details such as home value, taxes, structure.

• Instantly Skiptrace and find the owners Phone & Email.

• Take a photo or use the Google Street view.

• Send a multi-touch campaign that includes Text, Email & Direct Mail to 1-300 nearest neighbors with one click.


What is GoBig Printing?

Bigger lists. Scheduled Mail Drops. No Problem!

If you send larger lists (50+) you may want to try GoBigPrinting.
Customize everything on demand. Pay only for what you order.

handwritten postcards and letters by printgenie

Customize from100's of Postcards    *Starting at $.38

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards. Our Pro's have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!

Or, edit everything including Mail Merge Tags


Customize from100's of Letters

*Starting at $.56

Select from our library of yellow letters, stationery, formal and handwritten letters. Completely customize your letters by adding and moving Mail Merge Tags. 
Personalize everything including adding your own Custom Merge Tags.

There are no two alike. We've pre-written them so you can simply start from scratch, or edit ours.


Customize Google Street View Postcards & Letters *

Starting at $.38

These versatile postcards & letters are totally customizable. You can change the mail merge variables, the paper color and the message. No two are alike.  The Photo of the Property is automatically placed on the postcard.  AND, you can preview a LIVE sample as you review your customized postcards

Two Great Options To Send Your New Hot Leads!
Brought to you by Foreclosures Daily!

If you send Probates, Foreclosure Leads or have small lists, you may want to try PRINTgenie.

See how easy it is to send a 6 month Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaign.


Add AgentHQ VA services so you can stay focused

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