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We deploy personalized Direct Mail, Text & Email on auto-pilot.

Welcome To Tangie's Picks


As an investor, you know that it's critical to nurture prospects and clients to increase conversions. But who has the time? We've partnered with GoBig Printing / PRINTgenie to make this not only super easy but highly effective!"

Tangie Lee Cousins

Foreclosures Daily's preferred Direct Mail and Marketing Source

No Minimums


4.9 out of 5 stars in over 800 reviews

Envision a scenario where your marketing operates smoothly in the background, like a finely-tuned machine, while you focus on managing and growing your business. Sounds perfect, right? That's the advantage PRINTgenie brings to your marketing arsenal, solidifying its position as a true game-changer in the realm of direct response marketing.


Direct Mail

Join thousands of small businesses that trust and use our marketing solutions on a daily basis. Get all the tools you need to boost sales and generate leads.

Select from pre-created multi-touch campaigns or make your own using our easy drag and drop campaign workflows.

Omnichannel campaigns to boost sales and grow your business

SMS Text



Add as little as 1 contact to any workflow from your Desktop, Mobile, CRM or API

Street View

No Minimums

What if you could send all this for less than the cost of a latte?
AND, increase your response rates up to 81%

google street view by printgenie
handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten letter by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie

To as little as one contact!

From your Desktop, Phone, CRM or API


Done for you multi-touch drip campaigns

PRINTgenie's "done for you" marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted by experts to ensure maximum effectiveness. By leveraging industry insights and proven strategies, these campaigns increase response rates and boost sales. Moreover, they're designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for any technical or marketing expertise on your part. Simply put, with PRINTgenie, you get the benefits of a professional campaign without the hassle or learning curve.

Pre-Loaded, Industry specific Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns 

Integrate With Your Existing CRM

Easily Add PRINTgenie Mailers To Your CRM Workflow

Simply Copy/Paste our Webhook. No Zapier required!

workflow webhooks highlevel.png
handwritten letter by printgenie
handwritten postcard by printgenie
handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie
google street view by printgenie
quotation mark orange.png

Just wanted to text and say that the software/platform you've created with PRINTgenie really is life-changing. Over the last few weeks as I've built out my new foreclosure, probate, and ugly homes ebooks campaigns the flexibility and ease of use to create custom marketing pieces is just a game changer. I'm excited to see where this gets me this year and just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for us to help to grow our businesses!!!

~ Tim Hales

Proofs in the pudding.
Get a sample campaign delivered.


Take PRINTgenie with you on the road. 

Nearest Neighbor Radius Mailer
Find property details & market to any homeowner.

PRINTgenie is an omnichannel marketing platform that is tailor-made for small business owners on the go - Helping nimble teams grow their sales, not their workload.

Simply search over 180 million properties or tap on the map. Gain access to property details such as home value, taxes, and structure.

• Instant Skiptracing and find the owner's Phone & Email.

• Take a photo or use Google Street view.

• Send a multi-touch campaign that includes Text, Email & Direct Mail to 1-300 nearest neighbors with one click from your phone.

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Download our app Today! Use code: tangie

Dozens of Pre-Created Multi-Touch Campaigns built for:

No Minimums!



Lease Option


Tax Liens


Creative Financing

And much, much more!

handwritten postcards and letters by printgenie

Access To Hundreds Of Postcards,
Letters & Greeting Cards

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards and letters. Our pros have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!

No Minimums

greeting card - thank you-01.png

Snap a photo from your phone!

Real stamp


Skip Tracing

Phone & Email
No Minimum requirement

Skip tracing is a dynamic and strategic method designed to pinpoint the precise phone numbers and email addresses of your potential leads.

Once you've successfully executed a skip tracing operation, you gain the power to reach out to these leads via calls, text messages or emails. Moreover, you can harness the comprehensive capabilities of PRINTgenie’s integrated marketing tools to craft and dispatch personalized Omnichannel campaigns, enhancing your outreach strategy.


Skip Tracing

In PRINTgenie only

No Minimums

Two great tools for your Real Estate Business


Register for both!

GoBig Printing



GoBig is great for the newbie or seasoned pro that is looking to jump into our design center, customize & order Direct Mail.
- Direct Mail Only -

• 100's of customizable postcards, letters & greeting cards 
• Schedule future mail drops
• Google Street View

• Tangie's discount on popular templates
  (Create a Free account to see all pricing)
• Free Concierge

• Minimum order: 50

FREE Account:
Pay on Demand.  Only pay for what you order


Registration available on desktop only




PRINTgenie is great for the newbie or seasoned pro that is looking for Multichannel Drip Campaigns.
- Text, Email & Direct Mail -

50% OFF
For Tangie's

Customers Only!

• 100's of customizable postcards, letters & greeting cards 
• Pre-Created Multi-Touch Campaigns & Templates
• Tangie's famous 6 Touch Campaigns

• Driving For Dollars App
• Skip Trace
• Zapier & Webhook integration

• Minimum order: 1

Essentials Subscription: $49/ Mo.  $24.50/Mo. 
PRO Subscription: $97/ Mo. 


Email after you sign up & we'll apply your discount


Registration available on desktop & mobile

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Use code: tangie

Two Great Options To Send Your New Hot Leads!
Brought to you by Foreclosures Daily!

  • Value and integrate Direct Mail into their marketing
    Having been a direct mail company for 25+ years we’ve learned a thing or two, however we’re not here to convince you. Our successful customers are using Direct Mail consistently in their marketing efforts. They believe their response rates incrementally improve when combing digital and mail.
  • Know we don't do text or email blasting
    Text and email campaigns are great tools for LEAD GENERATION. However, our focus as a lead generating and conversion system is on personalized and authentic relationship building rather than mass outreach. We believe in the power of tailored follow-up sequences for your leads, rather than generic mass texts or emails. This approach not only ensures more meaningful interactions but also minimizes spam, ensuring high "deliverability" rates. That means your messages actually reach your prospects! If you're in the market for a mass texting or email tool there are hundreds to choose from.
  • Understand the power of Multi-Touch marketing
    If you're thinking of signing up with us, just a heads-up: it's all about making things simpler for your business. We will give you the best tools and resources to help you scale. But remember, marketing is a continuous game. You and your team have to stay consistent to really see the magic happen. Our methodology is simple. Pre-Meditated marketing. Set it and forget it, and you WILL close more deals and build a bigger follow up pipeline.
  • Know we are not an agency
    We're a SaaS company specializing in direct mail products, not a consultancy agency. If you're seeking daily operational guidance, we might not be the right match for you. However, what we do offer is a streamlined process to nurture and convert leads, backed by top-notch tech support during business hours. Additionally, we host weekly group training sessions and offer personalized meetings with a dedicated account representative when needed. If your expectations go beyond these offerings, we might not align perfectly with your needs.
  • What's the difference between GoBig and PRINTgenie?
    PRINTgenie = Multi Touch Campaigns that include SMS Text, Email and Direct Mail. No Minimums Requires Monthly Subscription. Editing of templates only available for PROs GoBig Printing = Customize everything and order what you want when you want it. Minimum 50 No Monthly Subscription. Edit all templates. We find that most of our users will use both. It really depends on what you want to do. Suggestion. Sign up for GoBig, then sign up for PRINTgenie. One big difference is that on GoBig you can upload a list (or buy a list) split and mail it in intervals. AND, pay only when the mail drops. The other major difference is that PRINTgenie has pre-designed Multi Channel Campaigns that you can order via Mobile, Desktop or CRM.
  • What is your minimum?
    GoBig Printing. Has a minimum of 50. PRINTgenie. NO Minimums. Send as little as 1 contact a full multi-touch drip campaign or mail template of any kind.
  • How long is the trial period?
    GoBig Printing is FREE. Pay only for what you order. PRINTgenie Starter is FREE, therefore no trial. Credit card not required. Essentials is 14 days PRO is 14 days
  • Can I edit your templates?
    GoBig Printing. YES. Edit / customize everyting on-demand. No waiting for proofs. PRINTgenie. YES, as a PRO. As a Starter or Essentials subscriber you can only order the ones we provide for you. Personal profile and recipient variables such as First Name & Address, Logos & Photos are automatically applied.
  • Can I edit your campaigns?
    GoBig Printing. Make a campaign by ordering a mailer and setting a future date. You'll pay only when that mailer is deployed. PRINTgenie PRO's can create, edit & share campaigns. Essential packages include campaigns, however can't edit. Starter packages do not include our ready-made campaigns.
  • Do you have training?
    GoBig Printing. YES. Visit our help desk once inside our mail center PRINTgenie YES, 1. We have a complete library of help videos. 2. You can schedule time with a Coach. 3. Join us Wednesdays at 3:30 PST. for our weekly live training. See "Book Demo" on home page.
  • Do you have an API and Webhooks?
    GoBig Printing. NO PRINTgenie YES, You can trigger your mail from your CRM. Learn more here:
  • Do you have a concierge to help me?
    GoBig Printing. YES. visit: PRINTgenie. NO. However we have lots of training videos, live chat, and phone.
  • What's included in PRO Package?
    Access to: All Direct Mail Templates Editing and sharing Mail Templates & Campaigns All Multi-Touch Drip Campaigns SMS Text Messaging Email Messaging Unlimited Webhooks & Zapier Mobile App (Driving For Dollars) Data-On-Demand 50% commissions when sharing 14 Day FREE Trial | $97/ month
  • What's included in Essentials Package?
    Access to: All Direct Mail Templates All Multi-Touch Drip Campaigns SMS Text Messaging Email Messaging Unlimited Webhooks & Zapier Mobile App (Driving For Dollars) Data-On-Demand No Editing Templates 14 Day FREE Trial | $49/ month *In addition to ordering from your Desktop, Phone it's great if you have your own CRM and want to trigger mail & Campaigns.
  • What's included in Starter Package??
    Access to: All Direct Mail Templates Unlimited Webhooks & Zapier Mobile App (Driving For Dollars) Data-On-Demand No Editing Templates No Campaigns No SMS Text Messaging No eMail Messaging $0/ month *Great if you have your own CRM and Simply want to trigger mail
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