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Pre-Designed and customizable Direct Mail Templates & Data

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The strategies you choose will require effective and strategic marketing

When your post cards have been tested and proven to work, stick with it.

This is perfect for:
Anyone Investing in Real Estate!

Hotline Consultant


Exceeding Customer Expectations

Clean and upload your lists

Schedule mail campaigns

Order your Data lists 

Create and schedule campaigns

Send reports & order history
Edit & Customize your mailers

Data Point Validation on lists

Unlimited DPV List Cleaning

Apply NCOA on all lists

Split and Mail with Intervals -
(Don't pay all at once. Pay as mail drops)

Send proofs

Re-order from past campaigns

Remove duplicates
• FREE "Same Day" Concierge Service

"Get instant access to the best pre-designed
Direct Mail Templates at insane discounts"

Start generating massive buyer and seller leads today.  Finally, successful direct mail campaigns made easy!"
- Chad McCall

p.s.  I negotiated incredible discounts for my clients only!

Use the proven templates for faster results.

Code Violation A


Code Violation B


Urgent Notice


Tax Sale A


Tax Sale B

Let us do it for you! Free!

The biggest weakness of a real estate investor is they get in their own way. Follow the path laid out in front of you and be consistent with your time, energy, and effort.

As a Valued member of the “Partner Program” these exclusive templates are provided to take the guess work out of direct mail when using these niche strategies.

Ask about our FREE Concierge!
We know you are busy doing your day job...  So let us do your marketing for you!


Thank you Craig D.
It's our pleasure to serve you!

We know how hard you work... We are more than happy to help you with your marketing directives.  Just keep sending them over.
Our staff will get right on it!

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(949) 916-3578  |  español: (949) 317-1908

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Customize from100's of Postcards    *Starting at $.38

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards. Our Pro's have created copy and designs that will create authentic relationships and build trust. Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!

Or, edit everything including Mail Merge Tags


Customize from100's of Letters

*Starting at $.56

Select from our library of yellow letters, stationery, formal and handwritten letters. Completely customize your letters by adding and moving Mail Merge Tags. 
Personalize everything including adding your own Custom Merge Tags.

There are no two alike. We've pre-written them so you can simply start from scratch, or edit ours.


Customize Google Street View Postcards & Letters *

Starting at $.38

These versatile postcards & letters are totally customizable. You can change the mail merge variables, the paper color and the message. No two are alike.  The Photo of the Property is automatically placed on the postcard.  AND, you can preview a LIVE sample as you review your customized postcards

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