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[2.0 Launch] Bonuses gone soon 😨

Hey there... as part of the 2.0 software launch, we released a new expert training program: It's called the REI Lead Conversion Masterclass. 20 real deal investors that reveal the exact playbooks to convert leads at scale (one guy does 4 deals/week). After the launch you can purchase it separately, but right now it’s free with a year of InvestorFuse 2.0...until next week. Learn all about it here and get all of this too:

  • One Year of InvestorFuse 2.0 with Kickstart Setup ($3000)

  • REI Lead Conversion Masterclass Course ($1997)

  • Lifetime of SendFuse: Postcard Automator ($2997)

  • NEW "Target" System: On-Demand Cold Calling in SendFuse! ($997)

  • **UPDATED** REI Modern Marketing Masterclass ($997)

  • Full Follow Up Sequence Templates and Call Scripts ($497)

  • NEW Essential Wholesaling Team Hiring Course ($497)

  • $1000+ in partner tool discounts

$15,435 of value, yours for $1970 If this doesn’t help you close at least one more deal this year, you may be in the wrong business... Learn more and signup before we shut down these bonuses

Cheers to your success and time freedom, hope to see you on the inside! Ps. This package is designed to give you everything you need to scale a predictable REI sales operation. Lead generation, lead management, team building information, sales and negotiation training, deal strategy, and all the tools you need to automate the process...for just $1970 (less than an average deal). Sign up here to take advantage of this.

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