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[CarrotCast] - The Amazing Power Of Recognizing & Using The Pivotal Points In Life w/ Tim Oppelt

Tim Oppelt has endured a lot.

He’s worked one of the “worst” jobs possible, been laid off, and made some investing errors. But, he’s a big believer in trying to do what you love and creating a new path for other people.

He wants to change some of the negative perceptions about entrepreneurs, into a perception that maybe you can do what you want to do in life and have success because you love doing it.

Tim discusses, spending hours and hours and a lot of money working on a website and online marketing, but not getting the return.

He found what wasn’t working and decided to join Carrot and dive into his online marketing head-on.

Now he is having online marketing success by scaling his business. We dive into his strategy for phone leads, how he follows up with prospects and the importance of creating amazing systems for his clients and marketing.

Check out this episode of the CarrotCast with Tim Oppelt

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