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Fire yourself from deal making…

Hi , I just had a conversation with a fellow investor that got me thinking about the importance of the entrepreneurial particular, the ability to "let go" in order to outsource and build a team around you. Do you get stuck on letting someone else do something you feel YOU need to be doing? If you haven't already read this, I created a breakdown of the Essential Four Person Wholesaling Team In order to scale your operation into a predictable revenue stream, you have to hire others to compensate for your weaknesses. This is not optional, as I’m sure you’re already aware. Here’s how to build a team around what you’re NOT good at: Check out this roadmap for hiring here That article can serve as a guidepost for how you can grow a team with you at the top focusing ON the business. That’s where it starts getting fun! Learn to let go of the things you dislike and/or suck at, align yourself with people you genuinely enjoy working with, and watch your business grow. All the best, -Dan Schwartz CEO, InvestorFuse

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