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GoBig just made it even easier thru automation😍

We have been working hard over here at GoBig Printing... In a questionnaire we sent out a while ago, many of you suggested that you'd like for us to split your mail. Well, we appreciate the feedback and listened closely! With that said, let me introduce to you our newest Feature! Split & Mail! - Yep, thats right, you can now select a list, choose how many times you'd like to split it and at what interval you'd like to mail it. i.e. Pick a list of 4000, Split into 4. Mail every two weeks. Bamb! That's it. Your mail goes out automatically. AND, the best part is that you don't have to pay for it all at once. It will charge you only as it goes into production at whatever interval you pick. AND, you get the best price break as though you mailed them all at once.

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