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[Update - Market Leaders Summit] Day 1 in the books!! Day 2 about to start!

Man!! Day 1 was amazing!

We had a little over 3,000 investors tune in yesterday during Day 1!

It was packed full of info on the market shift ahead, what marketing investors are moving to in 2019, how to stand out from the competition… and so much more!

Here’s a few nuggets from Day 1:

  • Max Maxwell dropped amazing actionable info and inspiration on how he did over $1M in 2018 and what his #1 marketing channel has shifted to for 2019.

  • Beau Hollis talked about how he's making competition something he doesn't even think about as he flipped 100+ homes last year (and why online w/ Carrot is critical for his 2019 as things shift).

  • Trevor and Adrian Nez dove into why "ibuyers" like zillow, opendoor, offerpad... and NOW Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker coming into your market is a GOOD thing, and more.

It was a BLAST and the comments from the attendees were crazy good!

Here’s what just some of them had to say:

  • Dylan Tanaka (a 15+ year real estate veteran) is on the current session as an attendee with direct mail expert, Christina Krause and just said...... "mind blown..."

  • Green Meadow Investments said "Amazing tax credit and opportunity zone information.."

  • Andre Webb said "Just finished listening to one of THE BEST live calls with Trevor Mauch and Max Maxwell..."

  • Jorge Gutierrez said... "some serious gems to write down".

...and there's tons more where that came from!!

The slate for Day 2 is just as amazing, and we’re kicking off here soon! 9am PST!

Day 2 is all about helping investors scale their business while get MORE time FREEDOM

We’ve got Dan Schwartz, Jason Medley, RJ Bates, and many more giving away tons of info today.. It’s still FREE..

So if you haven’t grabbed your spot yet, head on over!

And there’s still time to get people over to the event!

And they missed any part of Day 1- the recordings are still available.

I’ll see ya over there!

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